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    Tri-M was founded in 1936 by Alexander and Frances Harley, incorporated and renamed Modern Music Masters in 1952, and in 1983 reorganized as the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Tri-M is a high school music honor society and a program of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, provide leadership and service opportunities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.

    There are more than 4,500 chartered chapters across all 50 states, involving more than 84,000 students. Each year, these students contribute more than 750,000 service hours to their schools and local communities, and raise nearly $1 million for causes they care about. Tri-M has helped thousands of young people provide years of service through music in schools throughout the world.

    Tri-M shares and supports the objectives of every dedicated music educator: to increase student and school involvement with music, and to make a stronger and more unified school music program. The society builds self-esteem and provides a channel of personal fulfillment.

    Eastern Regional High School’s Tri-M chapter was established in 1995-1996 school year by Mrs. Gail Posey, Director of String Orchestra. The Tri-M Music Honor Society was established in 1995-1996, to foster a continued interest and desire for excellence in music performance, to encourage appreciation and awareness in listening to music, to promote wider opportunities for sharing joy through music both within our school and within our community, to advance the spirit of good music and musical knowledge, and to enhance the reputation of our school as a center for musical enrichment.

    We accept members from Concert Choir, Select Choir, Select Chorale, Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, String Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble. The Eastern Regional chapter currently serves 40 students. If you are interested in obtaining membership, please complete the membership application form.

    Advisors include:

    Ms. Kathleen Mitchell (2014-2015)
    Director of Eastern Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble


    Mrs. Katy Akinskas (2015-2020)

    Director of Concert Choir, Select Choir, Select Chorale


    Ms. Rhea Fernandes (2020-current)

    Director of String Orchestra