Transportation Information

  • Transportation to Eastern:


    No routes have been reported as running late. Several routes have cover drivers and/or a different bus #.

    Bus Route information is located in PowerSchool. From a computer, it is the last item on the left side under the Navigation menu. Students are to take a picture of the information or print a copy for the Bus Pass. Students are to have this to board the bus.

    Students should report to the bus stop noted in PowerSchool, a minimum of 10 minutes earlier than posted and wait up to 10 minutes later. Call the bus company listed in PowerSchool if you feel you may have missed the bus. The transportation office at Eastern is not available until approximately 7:45 am or when all of the buses have reported to school. Bus delays are posted on this website every morning.

    Transportation from Eastern:

    Dismissal buses start their engines 4 minutes after the dismissal bell and depart 5 minutes after the dismissal bell. Students are to be on the bus and seated at this time. For safety reasons, buses are not allowed to stop once they are moving. Students are not permitted to run between the buses once the buses are moving. The transportation office at Eastern closes at 2:30pm.

    Transportation Questions:

    Who do I contact:

    Eastern utilizes the services of contractors in addition to district school buses. Be certain to look in PowerSchool under "Bus Pass" for contact information. Below are contact numbers for the companies transporting students to and from school.

    Eastern Regional High School - District Buses - 856-784-4441, 1162

    First Student - 856-753-0222

    Hillman Bus Service - 856-753-1123

    T & L Transportation - 856-783-6609

     The morning bus is late. What should I do?

    • Call the bus company regarding the status of the bus. Each company is able to radio the bus to locate the route in progress. The name and phone number of the company is on the bus pass in PowerSchool. This may only be accessed using a computer. Unfortunately, it is not available on the app. The Transportation Coordinator is outside each morning until each of the buses has reported to the school. No one is in the Transportation Office to receive calls. Messages left on the Transportation Office voice mail will not be received until all of the buses have arrived to campus and the Transportation Coordinator has returned to the office.

    • Please do not wait more than 10 minutes to contact the bus company to check the status of a bus. 

    Schools other than Eastern:

    If your high school student is attending a school other than Eastern; for example CCTS, please contact the bus company who is transporting your student. If problems continue, kindly inform the Transportation Coordinator via email for follow-up as well as Camden County Educational Services Commission at 856-784-2100.

    After-School Buses from Eastern:

    A 3:30 late bus is available based on the calendar on the website. Students must follow the late bus procedure to ensure access to the late bus.

    How will I be notified of any delay or cancellation of bus service for the morning bus?

    An automated message is sent when the district is notified of a delay of more than 15 minutes. Routes that are known to be delayed will be posted on the website. It is therefore very important to inform the school of any changes to your contact information.

    I left something on the bus:

    Eastern utilizes the services of contractors as well as district buses to provide transportation.

    Generally, the bus driver will find lost items. However, the driver drives several different groups of students and may not know who it belongs to.

    Steps which may be taken:

    In the morning at arrival:

    Inform the Transportation Coordinator who is outside, asap. She may be found wearing a flourescent orange safety vest. The bus company or driver will be contacted to request a complete sweep of the bus. This cannot be done until the bus is parked with no students on the bus. Usually the Coordinator will ask you to stop in the office (Room 700) for an update during the day. Lost items which are found are available from the driver at the end of the day upon the return to Eastern.

    In the afternoon at dismissal:

    Contact the bus company or transportation office for district buses. If/when the item is found, arrangements may be made to pick up the item from the bus company or wait to get it on the next school day. The District Transportation office closes at 2:30 pm.


    Take note of who drove the team; company, driver, and/or bus number. Contact information for each is listed above.