Online Catalog Search Tips

  • 1. Remember, this catalog is Web-Based. You can access it from any computer that is connected to the Internet, including every computer in the school and your computer at home. Just type in: "".

    2. Click on the "Catalog" tab to get started.

    3. You can search by Title, Author, Subject or Keyword. Keyword will return the greatest number of results, but the other search choices are more specific. Click on "My Searches" to review any of the searches you did while sitting at the computer.

    4. You don’t have to capitalize author’s names or titles of books, but you do have to spell them correctly!

    5. Once your search results list is loaded, just click on the title of the book you want, or on the word "Details" next to the title.

    6. Instead of using the back button in your browser, use the "breadcrumbs" that appear in the green bar beneath the Catalog tab to go back a step or two.

    7. Click on "Add to this list" to make a list of books you want to look for in the library. When you have finished searching, click on "Resource Lists" to look at the books you’ve selected and print them out.

    8. If you are ever confused or don’t know where to go next, click on the words "How Do I…" that appear in the right hand corner of every computer catalog page, and a help screen will pop up.

    Most of all, have fun! Play around with the catalog and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is! How many books does the library own on your favorite topic, or by your favorite author? Do a search and find out!