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Seasonal Sports

Sports are available in the fall, winter, and spring at Eastern. Below is a list of sports and their seasons. Please consult coaches for practice times or check our schedule for an up-to-date list of events. Practices are normally Monday through Saturday.

Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country (Boys/Girls) Basketball (Boys/Girls) Baseball (Boys)
Football (Boys) Wrestling (Boys) Lacrosse (Boys/Girls)
Field Hockey (Girls) Winter Track (Boys/Girls) Softball (Girls)
Soccer (Boys/Girls) Swimming (Boys/Girls) Tennis (Boys)
Tennis (Girls) Bowling (Boys/Girls) Track(Boys/Girls)
Volleyball (Girls) - Volleyball (Boys)
Cheerleading (Boys/Girls) - Golf (Boys/Girls)


Eastern demands a high level of excellence from Athletic coaches. Setting a high standard insures that student Athletes learn, grow, and mature as individuals. Also, it enables Eastern to participate in many events and host multiple highly competitive teams. Our coaches strive to push our student athletes to their highest levels. Below is a list of Eastern High School Coaches.

Coach Sport Email Phone
Baseball Robert Christ Contact 6307
Basketball (Boys) Kevin Crawford Contact 1116
Basketball (Girls) Keith Wert Contact 1165
Bowling Eric Datis Contact 6023
Cheerleading (Football) Alyssa Pflug Contact 1165
Cross Country (Boys) Casey McAleer Contact 6141
Cross Country (Girls) Michael Tangeman Contact 6384
Field Hockey Danyle Heilig Contact 6131
Football John Doherty Contact 1165
Golf Joseph G. Murphy Contact 6389
Lacrosse (Boys) Steve Picot Contact 6314
Lacrosse (Girls) Katie Lee Contact 1165
Soccer (Boys) Steve Kosyla Contact 1165
Soccer (Girls) Jamie McGroarty Contact 6008
Softball Laura Paquette Contact 6916
Swimming Theresa DeCoursey Contact 6190
Tennis George Kemery Contact 6164
Track (Boys) Casey McAleer Contact 6141
Track (Girls) Ed Malone Contact 6118
Volleyball Tom Armour Contact 1165
Winter Track Casey McAleer Contact 6141
Wrestling Brian Boland Contact 6260

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