Registration & Forms


The following is required before your student may participate in an Eastern Athletic program.

The following is required before your student may participate in Eastern's Intramural Weightroom Training program.


Registration for all athletic participation can now be completed online! Registration will begin 60 days prior to the start of practice. Intramural weightroom registration is open from September to June of each school year.

Concussion Baseline Testing

Concussion Information for Parents and Athletes

All student athletes are required to take the ImPACT Concussion Baseline Test prior to participation. Please supervise your athlete while they take the test and ensure a quiet environment with no distractions. If you do not have access to the internet at home, you can contact the Athletic Trainer to arrange a testing time at school.

Note: Please do not take the test until you and a parent/guardian have reviewed the test taking instructions. Due to the nature of the test, it is required to use an external mouse and not a trackpad for test accuracy. Those who have already taken the online baseline Impact test during a previous school year at Eastern do not need to take it again. Invalid or low scores may require a re-take prior to participation.

Requirement: For the test to operate, please turn off pop-up blockers and make sure Adobe Flash player is up to date. Firefox is the recommended browser with Javascript enabled.

Heath History and Physical Forms

Due to State regulations, physicals must be conducted at the medical home of the student and a report sent to the school on our district form. Please complete and submit the Health History and Physical Forms to the school nurse (during the school year) and the Athletic Office (during the summer) as soon as possible. All physicals must be completed 365 days prior to the first practice. All physicals dated after 5/14/2015 must have a physician's signature attesting that he/she completed the cardiac module. If your child uses an inhaler, you and the doctor must complete the Self Administration of Medication Form and the Asthma Action Plan before practice will be allowed.

Note: Any student who does not have a medical home, please contact the Athletic Office.

Basic Forms
Extra Forms

Attention Diabetic and Asthmatic Athletes: Athletes with diabetes are advised to bring in extra snacks to be kept in the athletic trainer's office during sports participation to serve as a backup to the athlete's personal supplies. Asthmatics must have their rescue inhaler present on the field, court, etc. for all games and practices.

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