Scheduling Information

  • The high school master schedule and staffing are determined by the course selections of the students. Every effort will be made to accommodate a student’s course requests. Exceptions may include courses being closed due to high student demand, insufficient student interest in a course, and administrative discretion. To insure optimum class enrollment, the administrative team reserves the right to designate student placement within the master schedule.

Study Hall

  • Study Hall may be selected by any grade level student. A request for two Study Hall classes in a senior’s schedule may be approved by the principal, based on considerations of the senior’s overall schedule of classes.

    Students in AP Science courses must select a Study Hall or a limited number of partial courses to accommodate a lab period.

    Freshman students are highly recommended to select a Study Hall to accommodate a Freshman Studies program offered during the Study Hall class. An allowable exception to will be for the following music courses: Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, String Orchestra, or Symphonic Band.

    Students in Algebra 1 College Prep, Geometry College Prep, and Algebra 2 College Prep are highly recommended to select a Study Hall to accommodate extra support in math through the Math Lab program.

Change of Schedule Procedure

  • The process of selecting an academic program is one in which many people are involved and which requires several months of preparation and consultation. Student course selections are made after serious deliberation with the student, parents, faculty and counselor. The selection program is designed to meet the student’s personal and educational goals. Changes from this program are not encouraged and may not be possible; therefore, it is essential that the original selections are given careful and thoughtful consideration. When considering a schedule change be aware of the following stipulations:

    • No course request changes can be made after April 30th of the current academic year.
    • The only notable exception to this would be a change necessitated by the completion of courses in summer school, or failure to complete designated prerequisites.
    • Classes will not be changed for the purpose of changing teachers within the same course, lack of interest or time of day.

Level Change Procedures

  • Students, faculty, and parents are urged to seriously consider the reasons for an academic level change, for numerous changes can have an adverse effect on the student’s program. This should be done only after much thought and consultation. All requests for a change in academic level must be requested in writing and signed by both parent/guardian and student. The student must attend three extra help sessions, and department approval must be given prior to a level change.

Dropping a Course

  • Dropping a course for a study hall is a serious matter and is usually discouraged. This should be done only after much thought and consultation. A request to drop a course must be put in writing by the parent/guardian and student, and submitted to the student’s guidance counselor.

Semester Course

Full Year Course

Credit Requirements

  • 1. All students are required to take a minimum of 30 credits per year (unless enrolled in an approved Option 2 program).
    2. In order to be promoted to the twelfth grade, a student must have sufficient credits to complete high school graduation requirements by the end of summer school following the senior year.
    3. To assure extra-curricular eligibility, and graduation within a four-year period it is recommended that students earn at least 30 credits per year.