• Seniors – Please take a moment and fill out 3 questions on Naviance.

    1.Graduation Survey

    2.Graduation Cap Survey

    3.Naviance Question


    The Guidance Department will not process your final transcript without these surveys being completed in advance. Please follow the steps below. You must have this survey completed by Friday, May 31st. If you forgot your login, or if you have any other questions, please see your guidance counselor.

    Go to http://connection.naviance.com/eastern and sign on with your username and password (Your personal Naviance home page should appear with a welcome message).

    1.Graduation Survey - Under the section entitled “About Me” you will see a link called Graduation Survey.  Click on this link.

         Step 1 – Indicate your post high school plans

         Step 2 – Indicate the colleges to which you applied. Update the status of the application. From the dropdown menu, indicate whether you were waitlisted or deferred, and indicate the final acceptance decision for each school. If you did not apply/finish an application use “WITHDRAWN.”

         Step 3 – Indicate the college you will be attending and your field of study (major). We will automatically send your final transcript to this school – no need for a release form (athletes still need to complete forms for NCAA). Then, please provide the names and amounts of all the grants and scholarships you have been OFFERED, even if you will not use the scholarship/grant. REMEMBER, IF THE GRANT OR SCHOLARSHIP IS RENEWABLE OVER ALL FOUR YEARS, MULTIPLY THE AMOUNT BY FOUR AND ENTER THIS AMOUNT.

    2.Graduation Cap Survey - Under the section entitled “About Me” click on the link called Graduation Cap and complete this survey.

    3.Naviance Question - Under the section entitled “About Me” click on the link called Naviance Question and complete this survey.


    That’s it! 5 Minutes - It’s that easy! 

    Congratulations & Best of Luck from all of us in the Guidance Department. It has been a pleasure working with you during your time at ERHS!