Graduation is a milestone and marks the end of high school and the commencement of a hopeful future. More importantly, graduation marks achievement. It is a ceremony of honor and recognition that links your child to the past and to the future. It is also a proud public announcement that those who are receiving diplomas have earned the rights and privileges due a high school graduate. We are extremely proud of our graduating seniors, and will do everything possible to make the ceremony a dignified and honorable event, filled with memories you and they will treasure. Graduation is held at McAleer Stadium with optional seating available in the Performing Arts Center for those who experience difficulty with hot weather.


Each graduate will receive seven (7) tickets, two (2) grey and five (5) vanilla for use in the stadium. If the ceremony is held indoors, then the grey tickets will allow admission into the gymnasium, and the vanilla tickets will allow admission into the auditorium.

Additional ticket requests can no longer be made online.

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