2018 Class Election Polls

Class election polls open at 2:15pm and close at 9pm on May 24, 2018.


Class of 2019 Election Polls

President:    https://www.tallyspace.com/5b06038d0348d

VP:    https://www.tallyspace.com/5b0604635fac3

Secretary:    https://www.tallyspace.com/5b06050e6064e

Treasurer:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b060556b919c

Historian:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b06059680c35


Class of 2020 Election Polls

President:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b0581379574d

VP:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b0582d48fab3

Secretary:    https://www.tallyspace.com/5b058489eea8f

Treasurer:    https://www.tallyspace.com/5b058418999af

Historian:    https://www.tallyspace.com/5b05855ad3a8f


Class of 2021 Election Polls

President:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b02b4f319246

VP:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b02b5252182d

Secretary:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b057042e6639

Treasurer:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b05759d11e72

Historian:   https://www.tallyspace.com/5b0575cb63a83


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