Dual Credit Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for dual credit through the High School Plus program is Thursday, February 22nd.  This is a great opportunity to earn college credit through Camden County College while still at Eastern!  You can pick up an application from your teacher or in Guidance.

The following courses are approved for dual credit:

• Programming Honors
• French 3
• French 3/4
• French 4
• AP French
• Spanish 3 (any level)
• Spanish 4(any level)
• AP Spanish
• Latin 3
• AP Latin
• Engin Drawing & Design/CAD
• Hons Anatomy
• AP Biology
• AP Chemistry
• AP Physics C
• Marketing Hons
• AP World History
• AP Euro
• AP US Hist 2
• AP Macro
• AP Micro
• AP Psychology
• AP Stats
• Prob/Stat Acc
• AP Physics 1
• Adv Eng & Draw & Arch Draw – Both
• Public Speaking
• Hons Calculus

All applications must be returned to Ms. Spinogatti in Guidance.  Please make checks payable to “Camden County College”.


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