Eastern Regional High School is a progressive educational high school with the primary focus of educating students for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Eastern has earned a high approval rating from the New Jersey Department of Education and has been named as a top school by several professional publications. While infusing the Common Core State Standards and aligning curriculum, teachers foster the development of skills that will enable students to function effectively in a rapidly changing global society. Instruction is developed on the firm belief that every student can learn.

Within the school environment all stakeholders are engaged in a collaborative exchange of ideas, urged to make research based decisions in the areas of curriculum and policy, and motivated to establish, within the culture of the school, an ongoing professional dialogue of shared leadership between administration and faculty.

The high school encourages parental involvement and communication with faculty and administration, and welcomes opportunities for shared decision-making between community members and staff. With the goal to collaboratively affect change with a shared purpose, Eastern Regional High School seeks to establish a safe and orderly environment, a climate of high expectations for success, sound instructional leadership, frequent monitoring of student progress and solid home-school relations.

Robert M. Tull, Jr.

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