All courses at Eastern Regional High School are aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Courses are developed and mapped to include required course information to satisfy the Core Curriculum Content Standards and state graduation requirements. The course curricula are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. Changes are reflected in the board approved curriculum maps for each course. These maps are available on the website for parent and student use. The tabs to the right of this page contain additional information on specific courses, academic levels, curriculum maps and a link to the NJ Department of Education Core Curriculum Content Standards. Questions on curriculum should be directed to the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development or the department supervisor.


Name Position Email Phone
Dr. Kristin Borda Supervisor of Science, Teaching and Learning, Test Data Analysis, and Student Interventions Contact 1119
Robert Cloutier Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Development Contact 1226
Patricia Leone Administrative Assistant Contact 1290

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