Graduation Requirements


It is the policy of the Board of Education to provide learning opportunities and programs, which are appropriate to the abilities, needs, and interests of the pupils in order that they may successfully complete an appropriate course of studies leading to graduation. The Board of Education shall award the same high school diploma regardless of the program of studies completed by the pupils. A diploma, therefore, represents only the accumulation of credits; it does not guarantee acceptance into schools to further one’s education.

It is necessary that a student’s program comply with the statute and administrative code of the State of New Jersey, the requirements established by the District Board of Education, and sound principles of education before a diploma will be granted. In order to graduate a pupil must:

1. Pass all required State assessments
2. Earn a total of 120 Credits
3. Meet the district attendance policy
4. Complete the Senior Essay
5. Pass the following courses:

Department Requirement
English Language Arts 4 Years
World History/Cultures 1 Year
United States History 2 Years
Algebra 1 1 Year
Geometry 1 Year
Math - 3rd Year 1 Year
Biology 1 Year
Science - 2nd Year 1 Year
Science - 3rd Year 1 Year
World Language 1 Year
Health & Physical Education 4 Years
Visual & Performing Arts 1 Year
Career/Consumer/Family Life Skills/Vocational Technical Education 1 Year
Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy 1 semester

Three Year Graduation

Students must apply for the three-year program in writing and receive approval from the Principal prior to the beginning of their sophomore year.

A student participating in a three year high school graduation program must complete all course requirements as prescribed by the Board of Education with the exception of a fourth year of Health and Physical Education. This includes earning 120 credits and passing all competency assessments as required by the New Jersey Department of Education.

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