Health & Physical Education

  • Jason Hill
    Health and PE Supervisor  
      phone: 856.784.4441 x1134


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    Health and physical education courses offered at Eastern Regional High School are currently aligned with the 2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Health and physical education courses at Eastern Regional High School are developed to prepare students for careers and college aligned with the mission of the 2009 Core Curriculum Content Standards.

    Knowledge of health and physical education concepts and skills empowers students to assume lifelong responsibility to develop physical, social, and emotional wellness.

    The following courses fulfill graduation requirement in Health & Physical Education.


    Course Name Course Number Term Grade Credits
    Physical Education 1/Health YS15 Year 9 5
    Physical Education 2/Driver Education YS26 Year 10 5
    Physical Education 3/Health YP31 Year 11 5
    Physical Education 4/Health YP41 Year 12 5
    Lifestyle Fitness  YP52/YP53 Year 11-12 5