Meet the Board of Education

  • Each member of the Eastern Camden County Regional School District Board of Education is his or her community’s representative. Each is entrusted with the responsibility of helping to plan the education of the youth of the district and set priorities to meet the needs of our children and community. Members are elected for three-year terms of service to the community and the school. Representation on the board is determined proportionately based on the populations of the three sending districts, Berlin Borough, Gibbsboro and Voorhees Township. 

Bob DeCicco, President - Berlin Borough

Bob DeCicco, President - Berlin Borough

Jude J. Brown - Voorhees Township

Jude J. Brown

Gail David - Berlin Borough

Gail David

Veronica Parker - Voorhees Township

Veronica Parker

Dennis Deichert - Gibbsboro

Dennis Deichert

Bob Campbell, Vice President -Voorhees Township

Robert Campbell, Vice President - Voorhees Township

Elena Chow - Voorhees Township

Elena Chow

Hillary Garr - Voorhees Township

Hillary Garr

Robert Paul - Voorhees Township

Robert Paul