Mission, Vision and Goals

  • Mission Statement

    The Eastern Camden County Regional School District is committed to an exemplary educational program, based upon the Core Curriculum Content Standards as adopted by the State Board of Education, that inspires and prepares life-long learners who contribute to society as caring, productive, and responsible individuals.

    Our Vision

    At Eastern Regional, students make the connection to life-long learning.

    Academically, students are both nurtured and challenged as they explore an array of disciplines through a variety of opportunities. Through the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, teachers design curriculum to foster the development of skills that will enable students to function effectively in a rapidly changing global and technological society. Teachers base instruction on the firm belief that every student can learn. School staff, together with community resources, integrates career and educational planning to assist students as they begin to explore future employment opportunities.

    Physically, students are protected within a safe school environment where respect for the individual and an appreciation of diversity are of utmost importance. In addition, students are supported and encouraged to develop health practices that will enable them to live a full, active, and energetic life.

    Socially, students are valued and respected for both their unique qualities and their youthful perspective. The students, their parents, the school staff, and the local community realize that education is a responsibility shared by all.

    Emotionally, students are encouraged to take pride in their accomplishments whether they are academic, artistic, athletic, personal, or career-related. The development of self-esteem, personal responsibility, and self-respect is integrated into every aspect of the school experience.

    2018-2019 District Goals

    Goal #1: To achieve Future Ready School Silver Medal certification by 2021, we will undertake a multi-year process leading to the creation of a five-year Strategic Plan.

                2018-2019 Undertake a deep-dive using an iterative process of questioning and answering to explore our current strengths and weaknesses to determine the foundations for the shared future we seek to create.

                2019-2020 Articulate the shared future by creating a five-year Strategic Plan.

                2020-2021 Apply for Future Ready School Silver Medal certification with the Strategic Plan as the centerpiece of the application.

    Goal #2: To achieve the Performance Report targets for PARCC for the overall student population and all student subgroups

    Goal #3: To achieve the 95% participation rate for PARCC for the overall student population and all student subgroups

    Goal #4: Over three years (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19), to reduce student lateness to school by 10% from the total for 2015-16

    Goal #5: Over three years, (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19) to reduce freshman course failures by 50% from the freshman course failure total for 2015-16


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