• September 13, 2019


    Bus route E5 is a cover driver today.

    If any are running late please call the bus company. 


    Parents and students of Bus Route L: Please be aware that the afternoon bus driver of this route has left the company. 

    A replacement driver is unavailable at this time.

    We will be assigning the students of route L to a different bus until a driver is assigned to the route permanently. 

Transportation Delays

  • How will I be notified of any delay or cancellation of bus service?

    An automated phone message is sent when we are notified of a delay of more than 15 minutes and the routes that are delayed will be posted on the website. It is therefore very important to inform the school of any changes to your contact information.

    The bus is late, what should I do?

    • Call the bus company to notify them that the bus is late (the name and phone number of the company are on the bus schedule you received through PowerSchool).

    • Please do not wait more than 15 to 20 minutes to contact the bus company to report a problem.