Late Bus Procedures

  • A 3:30 late bus from Eastern will run according to the late bus calendar. A perimeter route with specific drop off locations will be followed for transportation from Eastern. The list of stops is posted on the website. There are currently 2 late buses. All late buses leave at the same time from the main entrance at approximately 3:35 pm. It is the responsibility of the student to get to the bus on time.

    Student responsibilities:

    Obtain a late bus pass from the staff member the student stayed with. Students MUST have a legible late bus pass to get on the bus. Hand written scraps of paper are not accepted.

    Review the late bus locations to find the stop closest to the students' residence.

    Inform the driver of the drop off location where he/she will disembark to be certain the student is getting on the correct bus. Students getting on the wrong bus may get off at a stop on the bus they are on or will be dropped off at Eastern. Students will not be dropped off at alternate locations.

    Each bus will only stop at the locations posted for the specific route assigned. Additional locations along the route are not permitted. A student will need to walk from the late bus stop to his/her home.