• Access to the student parking application is open for the 2022-2023 school year. An email will be sent to the applicant upon review of the application.


    Applications for Student Parking are completed online. Access is only granted when using an Eastern assigned email address; such as, name@eccrsd.us. No other emails are permitted access to the application.


    Directions to complete the online application are as follows:

    • Obtain the necessary documents:
      • Applicants NJ Drivers License
        • A temporary license will be granted a pass; however, the Provisional License will need to be emailed to transportation@eccrsd.us once it is received.
      • Current vehicle registration for the vehicle listed in the application
        • If a student may be driving different vehicles, use the registration for the vehicle driven to school most often
        • If there is a new permanent vehicle change, submit a copy of the registration to transportation@eccrsd.us to be added to the student's record.
      • The following written statement SIGNED by both the applicant and a parent/guardian
        • "I have read the student parking rules, understand them, and have the opportunity to ask relevant questions."
    • Complete the online application using the school issued iPad:
      • Visit www.eccrsd.us
      • Choose <Parents and Students> 
      • Choose <Student Parking>
      • Complete the application in its entirety, including uploading the above documentation. It is best to take a picture of the document as part of the upload process.
      • Submit the application for processing
    • Wait for an email notification of approval or denial of your application and follow the instructions in the email.


    Contact transportation@eccrsd.us with any questions.