• Information regarding busing to Camden County Technical Schools is listed below.

  • Bus Routes to CCTS are based on a perimeter route, picking up as many students as possible from one location.  Students from multiple towns are on the same bus route. Due to the size of the County and multiple towns riding the same bus, bus stops are limited to reduce the amount of time the student is on the bus. 

    Families are responsible for providing proof of residence and birth certificate for each student when starting at CCTS to the sending district. Additional information and online forms are located under the Guidance section of this website.

    Families are responsible for informing CCTS and completing CCTS required forms for change of address. Transportation changes may take 2 weeks for processing.

    Families will be informed of bus information when passes are sent out the week before school begins. Exceptions do apply for late registering students, change of address, etc.

    Eastern Camden County Regional School District utilizes a third party for transportation needs to each CCTS campus. Any request for changes to a bus stop will be considered after October 1st.

    Emails will be accepted to verify transportation has been requested for a specific student's name from CCTS. A yes/no response will be returned. Specific details regarding any bus route will not be provided over the telephone or via email.

    Contact transportation@eccrsd.us for any specific questions.