• Student Parking Application


    The following procedures have been adopted to provide students access to available parking on a fair and reasonable basis. Applications may only be completed once, using the eccrsd.us email assigned to the student applicant by Eastern. All other email addresses will not be permitted to access the application form. This is for security purposes and ensures only one application may be completed.

    All students wishing to drive to school during the school year MUST apply for a parking permit, regardless of the previous issuance of a parking permit. A hang tag from the previous year must be returned in order to obtain a current one.

    Student parking is located in the front of the building, by the tennis courts. Parking is prohibited in any other location during school hours. Vehicles are to pull into the angled parking spaces. Student parking spaces are lined in white.

    NO student will park in locations designated for visitors, faculty or in a painted spot of another student at any time. The visitor area is clearly marked. The faculty parking areas are lined in yellow. Painted student spots are along the fence line and decorated. Any student parked outside the student parking area will receive Administrative Consequences, NO exceptions. All parking rules as outlined in the Student Handbook will be strictly enforced. Students are not permitted to park in any space with diagonal lines; ie, crosswalks and no parking areas, 

    Students interested in parking on school property must complete the next section and upload the required documentation. After the information is completed, it will be processed. After processing, an email will be sent to the applicant via their Eastern email address used during the application process. This email will state if the application was approved or denied. Approved applicant notification will include when the hang tag will be ready for pick up and the pick up location. Students not approved will receive an email stating the reason for rejection, what is needed for approval, and how to send the documentation necessary for approval. Students are not permitted to drive to school without a current hang tag.

    Driving hang tags MUST be picked up prior to driving to school.

    NO hang tags will be distributed until all obligations have been satisfied.

    * Please note: there is a limited number of student parking spaces. Seniors are able to purchase a preferred parking spot which is able to be painted. The remainder of the parking spaces are not assigned. Parking spaces and hang tags are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

    1. Possess a currently valid NJ driver's license.
    2. Own a car or have the regular use of a car.
    3. Complete the Application process, upload a copy of the student's driver's license, current car registration, and the acknowledgement statement signed by the applicant and parent of the applicant.
    4. Member of the Junior or Senior class.
    5. Obligations have been satisfied.

    Before continuing to the application stage, please be certain you have the ability to upload the required documents at the end of the form. This form is not able to be edited once it is submitted.  The forms you are required to upload include: a current registration for the vehicle the applicant will be driving, the Driver's License for the applicant, and a written statement signed BOTH by the applicant AND parent of the applicant.

    The written statement is: "I have read the above rules, understand them, and have had the opportunity to ask relevant questions."  

    Once again the statement must be written and signed by both the applicant AND parent/guardian of the applicant. Incomplete statements will result in the denial of the parking application.

    Before a parking hang tag is issued all documentation is processed and checked for completeness. If any documentation is missing or incorrect, the application will be denied until proper documentation is received. Students without a hang tag are not permitted to drive to school. An email will be sent upon the processing of the application to the students' Eastern email address. The email will give further instructions regarding the approval or denial of the application.          

    Click the link below for the correct application.

    If you receive the following error message after choosing a link to the application, you are using an unauthorized email. Double check the email you are using to be certain it is a valid @ECCRSD.US email address. If it is, kindly email transportation@eccrsd.us. If it is not, change the email address and try again. You must use an @ECCRSD.US email address to complete the application.

If you receive the following message, you are not using an ECCRSD email address.