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How to Report Student Absences

  • Parents should report all student absences.  Absences may be reported 24 hours a day by contacting the Attendance Office at (856) 784-4441 ext. 1000 or emailing  Student absences should be reported by 9:00 am on the morning of the absence. This does not formally excuse a student’s absence. 


  • Absence from school jeopardizes the ability of a student to satisfactorily complete the prescribed course of study and violates statutes requiring children to regularly attend school (NJ18A: 38-25). We cannot succeed at our task of providing a thorough and efficient education unless students are present for all regularly scheduled classroom-learning activities.  Recognizing that some absences are unavoidable for reasons such as illness and appointments that cannot be scheduled during non-school hours, a student may accumulate 10 absences during a school year without jeopardizing credits earned. Any student who accumulates 11 or more unexcused absences will be placed on no-credit status.  In addition to full day absences, students will be marked absent for the day if they are sent home by the nurse and/or have an early dismissal prior to 10:15am, as per the excused/unexcused attendance policy.