Early Dismissal Requests

    1. Appointments should be conducted after school hours when possible. In the event that an early dismissal is needed for a student who drives to school, the student must present a note signed by a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office before the beginning of Lunch and Lab A to receive an “Early Dismissal Pass”. This note must include the time and reason for the early dismissal and the telephone number where a parent/guardian may be contacted. 

    2. For last minute or emergency situations, the parent/guardian must contact the Attendance Office (856) 784-4441 ext. 1204 or emailing attendance@eccrsd.us prior to the student being dismissed.  

    3. For any student who does not drive to school, the parent/guardian is required to enter the Attendance Office with proper identification to sign out the student. 

    1. No requests will be approved without confirmation from a parent/guardian. 

    2. All students entering and leaving the school building while school is in session must sign in/out from the Attendance Office. 

    3. Students who do not complete a day of attendance may not participate in any athletics/activities scheduled for that day.

    Note: Absences due to early dismissal are considered unexcused unless Board of Education approved documentation is submitted to the Attendance Office.