• Student Responsibilities:
    New Jersey statute 18A:25-2 provides that the driver is in full charge of the school bus at all times and is responsible for order. The driver shall not exclude a student from the bus. If unable to manage a student, the driver will report the matter to the principal.
    Large student school projects are prohibited on the bus for safety reasons.
    Students are expected to be in compliance with the following rules and regulations:

    At the Bus Stop:
    • Be on time at your bus stop - plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early 
    • Remain away from the curb - at least 3 feet back from the road 
    • Show respect for private property 
    • Avoid crowding or pushing as the bus approaches 
    • Wait until the bus stops before moving towards the door 
    • Never Stand in the Road - do not move into the road as the bus approaches
    While On the Bus:
    • Move quickly to your seat - Do not change your seat 
    • Do not stand or move from your seat while the bus is in motion 
    • The driver or a school administrator may assign seats 
    • Obey the driver promptly 
    • No fighting or pushing 
    • Do not talk with or distract the driver 
    • Do not open or close windows without the driver's permission 
    • Keep hands and all parts of your body inside the bus at all times 
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus 
    • Do not litter on the bus 
    • Never throw anything out of the bus window
    • Be courteous, talk softly - Do not use profane or obscene language 
    • Report any damage to the bus to the driver 
    • Students are responsible for any damage they cause to the bus 
    • In case of Emergency remain in your seat until instructions are given by the driver
    • Learn to how evacuate your bus quickly 
    • No cell phone or electronic device use 
    • Bus rules are an extension of classroom rules
    Getting Off the Bus:
    • Move quickly away from the side of the bus onto the curb 
    • To cross the street or roadway - move 10 feet in front of the bus, wait for the driver's signal to cross, then cross the street 
    • Never Go Behind The Bus To Cross The Street
    Parent Responsibilities:
    The transportation regulations and the policies adopted by the Board of Education should be stressed with your children, not only for their own safety, but for the protection of all students riding the school bus.