Beginning Friday, March 20th, 2020, approximately $60,000 worth of scholarship money will be available to Eastern High School seniors through the generosity of our community sponsors working with our Local Scholarship Program. This opportunity will end Wednesday, April 1st, 2020. All applications are due to be submitted electronically to Mrs. Kendall by 2:30PM Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 at ckendall@eccrsd.us. There are no exceptions to the deadline due to the volume of the applications.

    Students should use the application indicated in the "2020 Local Scholarship List & Criteria" chart.  Scholarships identified as "Special Application" require the "Eastern Local Scholarship Application” and the respective donor's scholarship specific application.  Students are responsible for submitting individual cover letters and applications for every scholarship of interest. Please read and follow the directions for each scholarship.

    *Please note that some applications (i.e. the Lucien P. Fleche Memorial Scholarship and others) are due directly to the respective donors’ mailing and email addresses.  Students are responsible for sending a Transcript Request Form to Ms. Spinogatti to obtain a transcript for any applications where specified in the criteria* 

    Please follow directions for submitting your scholarship applications online:

    1. Save each application as your first and last name and a keyword for the scholarship.  For example: John Smith is applying to the Adam Kessler Memorial Scholarship.  The Application should be saved as “John Smith-Kessler”

    2. For each application, send one email with the full name of the Scholarship in the Subject Line

    3. Ensure that all required parts of the application are in ONE pdf (i.e. application, resume,  essay if required by scholarship, and transcript if required should all be in ONE file)