• The Eastern Regional High School Local Academic Scholarships will be ready for you to submit your applications starting on Wednesday, March 16th. Scholarships will CLOSE at 11:59PM on Sunday, April 3rd.

    This year, the scholarships will be submitted through Google Classroom (unless otherwise directed) and each scholarship is a separate class with its own classroom code.

    Here are some tips and other important information to help with this process:

    1. Review the Criteria for each available Local Scholarship being offered this year.
    2. Identify which scholarships you want to apply to and click on the Google Classroom Code to be taken to the application for that scholarship.
    3. Pay close attention to which scholarships have a special form versus the local scholarship application form.
      1. For any Local Scholarship Application Form that you submit, an autobiography should accompany it.
      2. Most scholarships include a topic-specific essay that should accompany any application form (local or special)
    4. Be sure to complete a Scholarship Checklist and submit to the Guidance Office to receive your Unofficial Transcript for any applications that may request one.