• Scholarships will be submitted through Google Classroom (unless otherwise directed) and each scholarship is a separate class with its own classroom code.

    Here are some tips and other important information to help with this process:

    1. Review the Criteria for each available Local Scholarship being offered this year: https://www.eccrsd.us/Page/3681.

    2. Identify which scholarships you want to apply to and click on the Google Classroom Code to be taken to the application for that scholarship.

    3. Read the information and directions carefully (ex. some scholarships have to be submitted directly to the organization).

    If you have any questions, please email localscholarships@eccrsd.us or come down to the Guidance Office.

Please review some FAQs below

  • Can I leave the Activities portion of applications blank if I will be listing everything in my resume/essay/autobiography?

  • How should I handle Letters of Recommendations?

  • What if the person writing my Letter of Recommendation would prefer I not see it?

  • Do I have to complete the same Local Scholarship Application for each one?

  • How do I submit the Autobiography with the Local Scholarship Application?

  • Do I need to submit my Transcript for every scholarship application?

  • Which GPA should I use?

  • Undecided college or still waiting for acceptance from several?

  • My parent has a degree from a college/university but has been a stay at home parent, what should I put for "Occupation"?

  • For "Prizes, contests, or honors of a scholastic..." should we include only those won in high school?

  • For Extracurricular Activities, should I mention all positions I've held within the same club/group/organization?