Dr. Robert M. Tull, Jr. - Building Principal

Dr. Robert M. Tull, Jr.

Dr. Susan G. Roth - Director of Special Services, Eastern Learning Academy, Homeless Liaison

Dr. Susan Roth

Mr. Jason Hill - Vice Principal - Grade 12 Discipline and Health & Physical Education Supervisor

Mr. Jason Hill

Mrs. Alice Ryan - Vice Principal - Grade 9 Discipline and Math Supervisor

Ms. Alice Ryan

Mr. Jason Susko - Supervisor of Guidance

Mr. Jason Susko

Mr. Stephen Young - Social Studies, World Languages, Visual & Performing Arts, GT Supervisor

Mr. Stephen Young

Dr. Kristin E. Borda - Director of Academic Programs and Student Performance

Dr. Kristin Borda

Dr. Robyn Clarke - Vice Principal - English, ELL & Media Center Supervisor

Dr. Robyn Clarke

Mr. Steve Picot - Vice Principal - Supervisor of Athletics and Student Activities

Mr. Steve Picot

Mr. Philip Smart - Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives

Mr. Philip Smart

Mr. William Westerby - Vice Principal - Grades 10 & 11 Discipline

Mr. William Westerby

Dr. Michael Ostroff - Science, Industrial Arts, Business, Family/Consumer Science, Computer Science

Dr. Michael Ostroff