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    ImPACT Online Test 

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    Important Test Taking Instructions:

    The athletic trainers and medical staff at Eastern Regional High School use an online program for concussion management, called ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). The baseline test takes about 25-30 minutes, and evaluates neurocognitive information such as memory, reaction time, brain processing speed, and concentration.

    All student athletes are required to take the baseline test on a home computer prior to their first practice. To ensure a valid test, we ask parents to closely supervise the test (but do not assist performance), provide a quiet test environment without distractions, and to read and make certain all instructions below are strictly followed:

    1. You must use a standard external mouse. Do not use a finger mouse pad (ie: laptop mouse) or trackpad.
    2. Set aside 30 minutes in a quiet room with no distractions to take the test.
    3. Turn off pop-up blockers.
    4. No headphones or cell phone use during the test. Turn off any televisions, radio or anything else that can produce background noise.
    5. Tell siblings and family members about the importance of the test to avoid interruptions or distractions.
    6. The student should do their best on the test for an accurate score. Poor performance will result in an invalid test and will require a retake before sports participation is allowed.   
    7. A link to the test is available on the athletics website (see above). You will need to enter the Customer ID Code that is provided on our website.
    8. Make certain to select “Eastern Regional High School” when asked for “school/organization” in the demographic section. Do not choose “Voorhees High School.”
    9. At this time, we require only one baseline during the athlete’s career at Eastern. If the student has taken a baseline test for a prior Eastern sports season, a second baseline is optional but not required.
    10. If the student has taken a baseline test in a physician’s office, he/she will still need to take one with Eastern’s system.
    11. Other than the initial demographic section, do not assist the student with test performance, such as helping with memory questions. Do not allow the student to write anything down during the test to aid memory.
    12. The baseline test is NOT intended to identify a present concussion. Students who have suffered a recent concussion, or have not recovered from a concussion should not take the baseline test. Instead please notify the athletic trainers or your physician immediately for an injury evaluation.
    13. Students who have not received physician clearance for full, unrestricted athletic participation after a concussion should not take the baseline test and should notify the athletic trainers.
    14. Students who are experiencing fatigue, physical illness or an injury should postpone the test until feeling better.
    15. Read the directions for each test section carefully.
    16. Scores are not displayed once the test is finished (all results are password protected). Contact the athletic trainers if you are interested in your baseline score.
    17. If you do not have internet access or a home computer, contact the athletic trainers to arrange a testing time at school.
    18. If the student suffers a concussion during the sports season, a post-injury exam is taken under the athletic trainers’ supervision and the data is compared to the baseline test. This information is then used as a tool to assist the athletic training staff and treating physicians in determining the extent of the injury, monitoring recovery, and in making safe return to play decisions.
    19. Please be aware that returning to play after concussion before full recovery or while still having symptoms can cause a rare condition called Second Impact Syndrome, which may result in death or permanent disability.
    20. Returning to play after concussion before full recovery or while still having symptoms can more commonly cause prolonged symptoms, affecting both academics and sports participation. Athletes have suffered from chronic headaches, concentration difficulty, poor academic performance, and delayed return to sports, in some cases for months or longer, as a result of unreported concussion symptoms.
    21. For their own safety, athletes should be honest and forthright in reporting any concussion symptoms to the athletic trainers following a head injury or a blow to the body.


    Note: Please do not take the test until you and a parent/guardian have reviewed the test taking instructions. Due to the nature of the test, it is required to use an external mouse and not a trackpad for test accuracy. Those who have already taken the online baseline Impact test during a previous school year at Eastern do not need to take it again. Invalid or low scores may require a re-take prior to participation.

    Requirement: For the test to operate, please turn off pop-up blockers and make sure Adobe Flash player is up to date. Firefox is the recommended browser with Javascript enabled.


    If you have any questions, please contact the Eastern athletic trainers at (856) 784-4441 x 1277, or via email:

    Please note: The athletic trainers may not be available during certain time of the summer. If you do not receive a response in a few days, please contact the Athletic Office.