New Student Registration

  • New Student Registration Procedure

    Eastern Regional High School is very excited to be receiving your child into our district.  It is critical that we collect all the required information in a timely manner.  Please adhere to the following instructions:

    1. All registrants MUST CONTACT the ERHS Guidance Office, Ms. Cynthia Kendall at to receive registration packet or complete the Enrollment Interest Form
    2. Once the registration is complete, we will schedule an appointment to go over the information and complete the registration.

    Required Information for Registration

    1. Completed Registration Packet
    2. Completed Residency Packet
    3. Copy of Student's Birth Certificate
    4. Copy of Passport (If coming from outside of the United States)
    5. Certified Immunization Record
    6. Previous School Information - Transcripts/Standardized Testing
    7. If Applicatble - Custody/Guardianship Documentation